The focus of the Islamic Education journal is on the issue of Islamic Education. It aims to provide a platform for scientists, scholars, researchers, and professionals in the field of Islamic Education to publish their research results. The journal seeks to advance knowledge and understanding of Islamic Education by publishing high-quality articles that address important issues and challenges in this field.



The scope of the Islamic Education journal is broad and covers various topics related to Islamic Education. The journal welcomes scientific articles that explore the following areas:

  • History of Islamic Education
  • Pedagogy of Islamic Education
  • Islamic Studies: Teaching & Learning in Islam
  • Philosophy of Education in Islam
  • Religious Education in Islam
  • Teacher Education in Islam
  • Early Childhood Education in Islam
  • Management Education in Islam
  • Education Development & Society in Islam
  • Education Leadership in Islam
  • Educational Technology in Islam
  • Literature, intellect, tradition, culture, technology, and local wisdom relevant to Islamic Education

In addition, the journal also accepts articles on specific topics such as Islamic Education Philosophy, Islamic Education Policy, Comparative Islamic Education, Islamic Education and Science, Nusantara Islamic Education, Islamic Boarding School Education, Islamic Education Leadership, Islamic Education Leaders, Islamic Education Management, Islamic Education Curriculum, Islamic Education Innovation, Madrasa Education.