Medan Resource Center ( is a private research and scientific journal publishing institution established in 2021 in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra. Medan Resource Center has legal documentation in the form of Notary Deed Eka Firman Jaya, S.H., M.Kn. No. 9 dated November 8, 2021 and Ministry of Law and Human Rights Decree Number AHU-0014031.AH.01.07.YEAR 2021 dated December 9, 2021.

As a publisher, Medan Resource Center has published 12 scientific journals since 2021, namely:

Medan Resource Center also provides research services, including: Literature review; Data collection and analysis; Report writing; Training and workshops on research methods and scientific writing.


Official address:

Jl. Benteng Hilir Perumahan Setia Jadi Blok C9 Kelurahan Bandar Khalipah, Kecamatan Percut Sei Tuan Kabupaten Deli Serdang, Sumatera Utara, 20371