Local History & Heritage is a journal that focuses on the exploration and dissemination of research and writing related to local history and cultural heritage.


  • The journal publishes articles that cover various aspects of local history, including society, traditions, local wisdom, arts, music, culinary, education, intellectual figures, conflict, myth, spirituality, medicine, social values, relationships, community, minority groups, and more.
  • The journal encourages submissions that approach local history and cultural heritage with economic, social, humanities, or political perspectives.
  • The journal welcomes original research articles, theoretical frameworks, critical reviews, and case studies that advance our understanding of local history and cultural heritage.
  • The journal promotes interdisciplinary studies and comparative analysis of local history and cultural heritage, exploring the connections between different regions, cultures, and periods.
  • The journal is interested in articles that examine the significance of local history and cultural heritage for contemporary society, including the challenges and opportunities of cultural preservation and heritage management.