After a manuscript has been submitted, it will an initial review of the manuscript by the editor. A manuscript will be reviewed to see the suitability of page formats, images, tables, cites, and reference lists as well as systematics article generation. The plagiarism element check is conducted by Turnitin. The editor will decide whether the manuscript is in accordance with the scope and focus and proper to give to the reviewer. Sometimes, editors may recommend revision before submitting it for review. This initial review of activities usually takes minimum a week and maximum four weeks.

All articles submitted to this journal are subjected to a peer-review process. Authors would be notified at each stage of the review process. Submissions that pass the initial review will be assigned to double-blind peer-review process on substance and technical at least by two reviewers. Based on the reviewer's recommendation, the editor will first make editorial decisions.

There are five possible editorial decisions to a manuscript: (1) be accepted; or (2) be revised; or (3) be re-submit; or (4) be sent to another publisher, or (5) be rejected.

If the two reviewers are not in agreement, the manuscript will be sent to other reviewer and the decision of the other reviewer will be final. This step usually takes maximum four weeks. If desired, the reviewer may request to be reviewed again after the author revises his article. The decision about whether the article is accepted or not, is fully in the authority of the Managing Editor based on recommendations from reviewers. The authors are informed of the review results within 1 to 4 months from the date of receipt of the manuscript.

The authors have to make the revise proposed by the reviewers within the period specified by the editorial board. The paper will be rejected if the revised version is not received within the required period.

The research is accepted for publication if the required modifications are made, and rejected if the editorial board does not accept the revised version.