Pengaruh Islam dalam Kebudayaan Melayu

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Hakimi Arsya


This article aims to discuss how the influence of Islam in Malay culture. Islam
and Malay are two interrelated elements. The two cannot be separated. In
writing and compiling this article, the historical approach method is used
which consists of four stages, namely the first heuristic as a tool for collecting
sources, the second for verification functions to criticize the sources obtained,
the third for interpretation to function as interpreting the sources obtained
so that they can be used in writing history. and the last is historiography. The
results of the study show that the Malay people are open to people who come
to their country, thus facilitating cultural diffusion. The Islamization of the
Archipelago occurs through channels; trade, marriage, government
bureaucracy, tasawuf and tarekat knowledge, education and the arts. The
Muslim community in Tanah Melayu initially embraced Islam because of the
completeness and beauty of Islam itself which made its adherents better than
other people.


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