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ISSN: 2808-862X (Online)
Education & Learning
is a peer-reviewed journal by Medan Resource Center. Journal Education & Learning open to a new perspective and fosters critical debate about the role that education plays in learning. This journal seeks to help make available new evidence-based theories and understandings as to the extent and nature of educational change in diverse settings. It stresses the importance of appreciating the interplay of local, national, regional, and global contexts and dynamics in shaping education for learning. This journal is concerned with education in its broadest sense, including formal and non-formal modes, from preschool to adult education and interested in comparative studies engages these approaches to deepen understanding of the relationship between education and learning. Education & Learning welcomes articles from all prospective authors, especially from scholars and practitioners.

This journal is an Open Access Journal. Article copyright belongs to the author. All information in this journal is closed and protected by the journal manager and protected from outside interests.